Saturday, May 21, 2016

Netse News 3.7.0

Download :
Download Netse News 3.7.0Current Version: 3.7.0
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
egory: News & Magazines
v3.7.0 update:
= = = = = = netse news Android update V3.5.0 = = = = = =
1, shiny gold mall online, watch the news, know that in grand prize!
2, aggregation, repositioning news browsing habits, focusing on the recent hot news
3, alone le le than the lele, support to share the news to the QQ friends
Geek park, “business value”, “Chinese Internet innovation product selection (InnoApps)”, 2011 annual award for best mobile appliions
TechWeb – “2011 top 10 mobile Internet appliion” have attracted the most attention
“New weekly” 2011 most valuable mobile phone APP
DCCI – ht APP100 China mobile appliion list “the most fresh news media appliions” (first quarter 2012)
“North Kor admitted satellite launch failure”
“Good is not sy to draw a rocket when wring day mon.” Guangdong netizen, netse news client
The police changsha rumor Zhou Kehua were top package
1 / f | Li Yuanfang: adult, backyard found a hdless man’s body. Beijing netizen, netse news client
2 floor | dee renjie: as I decided, this person is dd! Shanghai netizen, netse news client
3 / f | Li Yuanfang: adults not to the scene you know who this person is dd, adults rlly is the man of god. Zhejiang netizen, netse news client
No heel stick, not news. Taste more good heel stick, immediately download netse news to the client.
Netse news client is netse to crte the best products in the appliion, has become the first domestic news client, due to experience the most fluent, news, reviews the most sharp quickly and highly regarded. Plse believe that 40 million is consistent netizens have choice!
New version 3.0 was launched, the minimalist and relaxed style is your best rding space, incrse the column subscription covering the whole country more than 300 major cities, nrly hundred mainstrms media press.
Feng Xiaohua, male, 27 yrs old, married and IT professionals
At 8:30 in the morning, you on the way to work
Use wi-fi to download news ahd of time at home is good, no signal, in the subway can also offline to watch the news, also don’t charge flow.
At 10:30 in the morning, you
Boss walked back and forth, my hrt is thinking of book Howe buzzer that remember the ball in the first half, quietly open the netse news client see live.
At 12:30 noon, you at the dinner table
Barack Obama and mitt romney, who wins? Netse news live post, always can fast one step let me be the man who announced the answer on the dining table.
At the same, you off work
On the way home, open the netse news column, voices, relaxed moment, weibo today revled that are my favorite, to relax the tense mood of a day’s work.
Does 22:00 in the evening, before bed
Lying on the bed open the netse news client see heel stick, ignore side wife crinkled eyes, netse netizen god-like heel stick let I drm will laugh, too talented!
“Heel stick too ecstasy, have so many 5 star, with no explanation!” Hven, netse netizen orange juice
“With netse news. Other god horses are floating clouds, only netse news client me!” — netse netizen Li Xunhuan
“Offline capabilities very cow, specializes in unicom signal problem! Indoor signal can also watch news!” Netse netizen bayonet
“Good! True, every day can see the rl side.” – wind Lin netse netizen rain month

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