Saturday, May 21, 2016

SAO Launcher 1.3.1

Download via Google Play:
SAO Launcher 1.3.1 on Google Play
Download :
Download SAO Launcher 1.3.1

Current Version: 1.3.1
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
egory: Tools
v1.3.1 update:
-Emercy (max width for swipe-able ars)
-Sounds use Notifiion volume (instd of Media volume)
-Change width of swipe-able ars
-Enable swipe under actionbar (to avoid covering buttons)
-Relse caches on low-mem
-Chinese support
-Notifiion w/ sms extension
-Backported to 4.0 (some animation issues may be present)
The Sword Art Online system menu, for smart and tablets. Pay $1.99 inside Options to turn off ads.
Swipe down from the top right or top left corners to call open the menu. Various orbs will give you access to contacts, text messages, appliions, and more. SAO Launcher opens on top of other apps and is dismissed with a tap.
Install SAO Launcher SMS Extension to get enhanced SMS functionality.
Q: Why is there a delay launching the app after pressing the Home button?
A: Android introduces a 5sec delay for all services after the Home button is pressed. There is no way to get around this without root. (Rd more here:
Q: Why doesn’t this work on 2.3?
A: In 4.0, a lot of animation ftures were added. SAO Launcher hvily utilizes these.
Q: Why do I still see my old SMS notifiions after installing the extension?
A: I can’t touch another app’s notifiions, but you can disable them from within the app’s settings.
Q: Can you add fture X?
A: Shoot me an email at, I’ll see what I can do.

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