Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon 3.4.2

Download :
Download Cool Symbols Emoji Emoticon 3.4.2Current Version: 3.4.2
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
egory: Tools
v3.4.2 update:
===3.3 relse===
You can download emoticon package for Google play !
===3.1.5 relse===
Add Portuguese
===3.1.4 relse===
fix crash problem when you didn’t connect network
===3.1.3relse ===
Add symbols
Fix UI problem
CoolSymbols include more than 1000 interesting symbols ✌ and emoticon ⊙▂⊙. You can use it insert into SMS,facebook,twitter and etc.
Click the hrt and select symbol then you can paste it into SMS,facebook,twitter,text editor and etc.
If you have any question plse send mail to
Join Beta test group:
If you are artist want to crte some emoticon on Coolsymbols plse contact me.
====Blank Boxes====
If you use phone maybe some of symbols can’t display, plse set fonts to default in setting.
If still not display plse go to to install emoji font for galaxy S3 & S2
If you use galaxy S4 plse send email to me, I will send you emoji font for galaxy S4
===How to add custom symbols===
First make direction coolsymbols on your SD card, and make a file Custom.txt (Note that the case of letters).
2nd input your symbols in Custom.txt, ch symbol separated by a space.
Last you can find your custom symbol in app.
symbol Emoji Pattern Graph sign mark insignia Roman numerals Latin Expression Smiley Emoticon note

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