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DynamicNotifiions 2.1beta8

Download :
Download DynamicNotifiions 2.1beta8Current Version: 2.1beta8
Requires Android: 4.0 and up
egory: Personalization
v2.1beta8 update:
- Ability to add DashClock extensions to the notifiions screen [4.2+ only]
- Ability to dl with multiple notifiions – “flick” any notifiion from the bottom to the center to make it the current “main” notifiion
- Incrsed the consistency of the brthing-fture
- Option to lock the notifiions screen orientation to either portrait or landscape
- “Holo”-blue as the new default foreground color
- Many translations (Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Persian)
DynamicNotifiions allows you to receive important notifiions when your screen is off. When you miss a call or receive a new email/SMS, the display will discreetly light up to let you know, without needing to unlock the device. Most only have a pulsing notifiion LED that doesn’t actually tell you anything about the incoming notifiion – with DynamicNotifiions, you can immediately decide if something is important enough to act.
* Notifiions don’t light up when your phone is in your pocket, purse, or face down to avoid accidental unlocks
* Select which app-notifiions you’d like to receive via DynamicNotifiions
* Change the apprance of the app (custom foreground/background color/, show the date nr the clock, change the main notifiion border style, and more)
* “Custom timeout”: Select for how long DynamicNotifiions should be shown (Premium fture)
* “Brthing notifiions”: Let not yet dismissed notifiions rppr after custom intervals (Premium fture)
* “Night mode”: Don’t show notifiions at night (Premium fture)
* “Hide additional details”: Hide additional notifiion details (e.g. SMS text, sender) (Premium fture)
* “Use as lockscreen”: Use the app as a replacement for your stock lockscreen (Premium fture)
* “Auto-wake”: Automatically turn on the screen when you pull the device out of your pocket or pick it up from lying face-down (!) on a table (Premium fture)
* “Custom brightness”: Select how bright the DynamicNotifiions screen should be (Premium fture)
* “Edit swipe actions”: Choose the action (e.g. unlock, dismiss, launch camera/custom app) for ch swipe direction (Premium fture)
- Swipe right to see more details about the notifiion
- Swipe left to unlock the device (respects your unlock-security settings)
- Swipe up or down to dismiss the notifiion
- How can I make sure the app is working correctly?
Launch the app and follow the setup steps. Then, switch off your phone’s screen and send an email to yourself from your PC. After a few seconds, the notifiion screen should light up!
- The screen sometimes turns on to the lockscreen, even if my phone is in my pocket
Plse go to your phone’s system settings –> “Security” –> “Device administrators” and tick the checkbox next to “DynamicNotifiions”. This will *only* allow the app to lock your screen, nothing else!
- When I lock my screen, nothing happens!
The app isn’t a lockscreen replacement. It respects your security settings (PIN/Pattern lock) and only apprs if you actually receive a new notifiion while the screen is turned off
- Will the app become available for Android 2.x, 3.x, 4.x?
The app is now compatible with Android >=4.0. If you’re running Android 4.3, it will make use of the new “NotifiionListenerService”-fture introduced in Android 4.3.
- Why can’t I uninstall the app?
Plse go to your system settings, select “Security”, “Device Administrators” and uncheck the DynamicNotifiions-entry. You will then be able to uninstall the app.
- My phone starts talking to me when I enable the app?!
This is a known -bug; Plse go your system settings, select “Apps” –> TTS engine –> Disable.
Plse note: This is an experimental app. It has been confirmed to work on the Galaxy , 4, 7, 10, and the Google Play edition of the S4 (all running stock Android 4.3 or CM10.2) so far. Plse let me know if it does/doesn’t work for you! It should work on any phone with Android >=4.0 and doesn’t require “root”.
Fture graphic design by Robert Olejnik ( App formerly known as “ActiveNotifiions”

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