Saturday, May 21, 2016

FiiNote, note everything(New!) 8.8

Download :
Download FiiNote, note everything(New!) 8.8Current Version: 8.8
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
egory: Productivity
v8.8 update:
1, Fix pdf export bugs
2, Fix handwritten zoom quality issues
3, Fix srch bugs
4, Add palm rejection options(Pan, Eraser, Nothing)
5, Add in-place audio player
6, Add preview for sharing
7, Add lock page zoom function
8, Improve the text select/scale method
9, Improve the tags function
FiiNote is the most convenient note app for android.
The app is compatible with android 2.0 ~ android 4.3(and later). It is designed for both Phone and Pad.
Fture list:
1, Unique hybrid model for combined handwriting and board.
2, Text,paint,voice,photo,…Note everything.
3, Calender,alarm,todo…Getting things done.
4, Infinite canvas, text box, DIY templates, rl pen style…Too many incredible functions inside.
5, Organized by books, tags, bookmarks, calendar. Archive and trash box are also supported.
6, Integrate with FiiRecorder, a background recorder using little resource.
7, Compatible with multiple cloud providers, fast incremental backup & restore, unlimited restore points.
8, Less permission is required.
It is the Evaluation Edition, all functions are available but the “Nag-ware” will appr after ten days.
There is a purchasable version(FiiNote full function ) on the Google Play. You also can buy it by PayPal.
We will support Japanese(Done), Korn(Done), Spanish(Done), German(Done), Russian(Done), French(Done), Italian(Done), Portuguese(Done) before Aug 5!
To FreeNote+(7.x) user:
We would like to send a FREE to our former FreeNote+ user.
If you bought FreeNote before July 13(2013), we will send you a that can activate 3 different devices.
If you bought FreeNote between July 14 and Oct. 1 (2013), we will send you a that can activate 1 device.
If you bought FreeNote+ with Google wallet, plse send us your GMail & the order in your Google wallet.
If you bought FreeNote with PayPal, plse send us your PayPal EMail & the transaction .
Thanks for your support!
fture: handwriting handwritten Note taking 手写记事本 便签本 原笔迹
Recommend to work with:FiiContact, FiiContacts, FiiContactNames, Fii Contact Names, Backup your folders, PDF2JPG, File2PDF, FiiRecorder, Fii Silent recorder, FiiBackup, Facebook twitter gmail evernote ch notes noteeverything gallery, 隨手寫, 印象筆記
Usage: stay organized remember resrch GTD diary memo whiteboard schedule ada draft plan meeting TODO list finance class paper sketch

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