Saturday, May 21, 2016

Lockwatch | Find Stolen Phone 1.3.0

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Download Lockwatch | Find Stolen Phone 1.3.0Current Version: 1.3.0
Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
egory: Tools
v1.3.0 update:
September 30, 2013 (version 1.3.0)
- Prevent false alarms if you type the correct shortly after typing the incorrect .
- Added a button to share the app with your friends.
Lockwatch e-mails you with a photo and GPS loion whenever someone tries to unlock your phone with the wrong . Find out if someone is trying to unlock your phone or loe the thief that has stolen it.
★★★★★ – “It took my picture and gave me the loion of my phone. Was shocked at how well this worked!”
★★★★★ – “Such a handy app, it’s so awesome and I absolutely love it!”
• Takes a photo of the intruder using the front camera when the wrong unlock is entered.
• Determines the phone loion using GPS and WiFi so you can loe the thief.
• Immediately e-mails you with a photo and GPS loion in case the phone is switched off.
• No need for a 3rd party lockscreen. We use the lockscreen built into Android.
• Completely silent and invisible operation. No warnings are shown to the thief. (The GPS icon may appr but does not identify our app.)
• Little to no impact on your battery. The app runs only when an incorrect is entered. (Android will ignore unlock attempts less than 4 digits long.)
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You must dctivate the app by dragging the slider to Off. Alternatively, remove the app from Device Administrators (under Android Settings, Security).
Q: If there are too many incorrect unlock attempts, will this app wipe my device?
A: No. Although you see a warning about this due to a shared permission in Android, Lockwatch will never wipe your device.
Lockwatch can help find and track your stolen phone. It can alert you when a thief has stolen your phone, track your phone using GPS, help you find your stolen phone, or loe your phone if a thief is trying to unlock it. Similar to security apps like Gotya, Cerberus, Find My Phone and Wheres My Droid. Our app can help you track and loe your stolen phone before the thief has turned it off. Other track my stolen phone apps such as Gotya, Cerberus, Find My Phone and Wheres My Droid can drain your battery but our find my phone app can help you track and loe your stolen phone and the thief who stole it when needed.

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