Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ninja SMS 1.7.2_20130925

Download :
Download Ninja SMS 1.7.2_20130925Current Version: 1.7.2_20130925
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
egory: Communiion
v1.7.2_20130925 update:
★ Fix to send msgs to the correct person! (oops!)
Some awesome changes we know you’ll love:
★ Choose custom hd shape per contact!
★ New hd shapes to choose from (hrt, bubble etc..)
★ View all conversation thrds
★ Group messaging
★ SMS backup/restore
★ Choose different fonts for your Ninja
★ Fix some issues related to notifiions
★ Update translations
A free version of the app has been relsed with limited fture set. You guys get the full app right here
Ftured in Time Magazine “50 Best Android Apps for 2013″ Must-have Android apps for newbies and enthusiasts alike. Rd more:
*** NOTICE: Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS and MySMS users must DISABLE those apps OR make sure you install Ninja SMS before those other apps (you might need to uninstall them then re-install if you alrdy have them on your phone). These apps fight with Ninja SMS for priority to receive messages from the system. If you do not want to disable them, plse do not download Ninja SMS and give a low rating ***
Tired of having to switch or pause s just to answer an incoming message? Ninja SMS enables true multitasking by allowing you to rd and reply to incoming messages without ever lving your current screen.
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★ Multiple floating at the same time
★ Drag and drop anywhere with se
★ Collapse mode helps minimize popups for sy access anytime
★ Anti-NSA mode: Encrypt messages while sending to contacts so your phone carrier or government cannot rd it… Ninja Style!
★ Option to save messages on your phone encrypted to prevent other apps rding your SMS messages
★ Emoji Support
★ Notifiion animation for new incoming messages in minimized chat
★ Maximize mode allows you to switch to full texting mode in an instant
★ Transparency mode to help you view other in the background as you rd and reply to messages
★ Settings panel lets you control which contacts the app will show popups for
★ 1 sy switch to enable and disable anytime
★ Efficient battery usage so you can keep the popups open as long as you want
★ Elegant design and graphics
Ninja SMS lets you have similar popup ftures as Facebook’s new “Chat Hds” fture without needing to replace your current launcher. Plus, we support all 2.2+ alrdy (including HD devices such as Galaxy S 4, Z, One X etc.)
With your support we’re planning on providing many more ftures in the future:
★ MMS and file transfer support
★ Facebook messaging integration
We’d like to hr from you. Email us ftures you’d like to see in upcoming relses.
We respect your privacy. These are the permissions requested by the app and an explanation why we are asking you for them:
- Rding/Editing/Sending Messages: We use this to help you rd and reply to SMS messages from within the popup
- Rding your contacts: This is to provide you full control to select which contacts you want the popup to show up for
- Drawing over apps: We use this permission to display the popup window hovering over your apps. We also give you permission to minimize or close it at any time.
- Vibrate permission: To notify you of new incoming messages depending on your phone’s sound profile
** NOTE ** Ninja SMS uses your phone carrier’s normal SMS plan to send messages. Check with your phone carrier for their price offerings
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