Saturday, May 21, 2016

PDroid Manager

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Requires Android: 4.1 and up
egory: Tools
v0.3.1.0 update:
-Updated for Android 4.4
The original community-driven security project.
PDroid Manager allows you to manage the privacy settings offered by OpenPDroid. It is the preferred management app for OpenPDroid. It is the result of a lot of work by a lot of people, check the credits in the app.
This app allows fine-grained control of which user/system apps have access to your personal data. If you think apps are asking for an unrsonable of permissions, this is one solution. By installing the OpenPdroid core, this app can leverage a custom API and give the power to the user.
You must have a custom framework installed on your Android device in order to use this app! I cannot stress this enough. You can either compile your own rom, or you can add the OpenPDroid framework to any open-source rom by using the Auto-er.
The Auto-er thrd is here: The autoer allows you to use this app on CyanoMod, ParanoidAndroid, PAC-man, SlimRom, and any other rom with published source .
If the above requirements are greek to you, this is probably not an app you should put on your device. Fair warning.
Every aspect of this project is completely open-source. Contributions welcome!
Again…PDroid Manager requires a modified ROM which includes OpenPDroid or PDroid 2.0 in order to function. If you have not specifically chosen a ROM for your device with the intention of using OpenPDroid your ROM will almost certainly NOT support this appliion
Note: This appliion cannot function when installed at the same time as CollegeDev’s PDroid 2.0. Uninstalling CollegeDev’s app will not cause your PDroid settings to be lost.
For more detailed information about PDroid Manager, how to install an OpenPDroid-compatible ROM, or your ROM to be OpenPDroid compatible, see
Support will not be provided in response to ratings or comments. Seriously, use the XDA thrd or github. I can’t respond here.
If you would like a binary but would rather avoid using the Play Store to get it, compiled versions of this app can also be found at

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