Saturday, May 21, 2016

Switchr – Task Switcher 1.6.9

Download via Google Play: Switchr – Task Switcher 1.6.9 on Google Play
Download :
Download Switchr – Task Switcher 1.6.9Current Version: 1.6.9
Requires Android: 2.1 and up
egory: Tools
v1.6.9 update:
Version 1.6.9
- Should be programmatically bug free
- Switchr Flow is always cancelable
- Bottom edge swipe
- Switchr Slide right side traversal
Introducing Switchr
Switchr is a well designed, well polished, fture packed and simple, yet practical appliion that allows switching between running tasks with impeccable elegance and flawless perfection.
“Rdy for another one of those apps that you never thought you wanted or needed, but will fall in love with once you get it?” – Phandroid
Switchr is a lot like Alt-Tab, except prettier, more fluid, and customizable, with a few more ftures sprinkled here and there. Using Switchr, you can switch between running apps with style, two styles in fact (you choose), ch with its own advantages and gesture based actions such as closing apps, or shortcut to the home screen. It’s a must-try.
“Sometimes change is good, and this change is just too pretty to pass up” – AndroidSpin
Switchr Pro
Switchr comes for free, in all its app switching glory, much like Alt-Tab, but for for Android, except much more elegant. However, with the Pro installed, all settings are unlocked, lving you with the freedom to customize every aspect of Switchr. Switchr Pro allows you to take advantage of all gestures, customize all visual aspects, configure blacklists/whitelists to your liking, show unlimited running tasks, and much more.
Follow the development on XDA:
News & Media
“Switchr is a well designed and well polished app with a simple, yet practical function that allows users to access their running apps quickly and conveniently.” – XDA
“A lot of Android devices have dedied buttons to bring up the multitasking list, but Switchr may offer an even faster way to jump between running apps” – Android Police
“Switchr does switching in a way that will seem more natural to you” – Phandroid
“Switchr aims to make multitasking more efficient and effective” – AddictiveTips

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