Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yoma (apex, nova, adw icons) 1.2.2

Download via Google Play:
Yoma (apex, nova, adw icons) 1.2.2 on Google Play
Download :
Download Yoma (apex, nova, adw icons) 1.2.2Current Version: 1.2.2
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
egory: Personalization
v1.2.2 update:
Added over 40+ New Icons
Alternative Color Icons
Fixed Faux Clock Wrong Text
Fixed Google Srch Icon
New White Icon Color Backgrounds
New Appdrawer Transparent Icons (Android KitKat Style!)
New Alphabetical Icons
New Light Wallpaper
New Apex Folder Background
New Apex Skin
New Folder Icons to Choose Manually
New Unthemed Icons Transparent Background
Note: If you see some unthemed icons on your homescreen delete them and add them back from the appdrawer and
they will be themed again.
************** ABOUT YOMA **************
Hi and thank you for taking time to checkout Yoma icon pack!
This is an icon that works with almost all major launchers that support icon themeing like: Apex, Nova, Adw, Holo, Action, Ss etc.
You can also rd a review of Yoma here or watch another grt review here
************** YOMA ICON PACK FTURES: **************
▪ Over 970+ (and growing) themed icons with crisp design
▪ 7 custom design wallpapers
▪ 144x144px icon support! (1080p and over)
▪ Apex support
▪ Nova support
▪ Adw support
▪ Action support
▪ Holo support
▪ Smart support
▪ Probably others too but haven’t tested it yet..
▪ Proper icon masking for unthemed icons so they don’t look out of place
************** INFO **************
Next, a new app will appr on your Appdrawer list called Yoma. From this app you will get: a simple way to browse
all my other themes, a wallpaper chooser, links to follow us on Google+, links to like and share Yoma icons
pack, some the theme, and of course a link to contact us for your icon requests.
Also i would like to say a big thanks to the1dynasty for his awesome icon pack template.
************** CONTACT US **************
Do you have unthemed icons on your appdrawer? Feel free to contact us at
************** [b]FOLLOW US[/b] **************
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