Saturday, May 21, 2016

Galactic Heroes 1.4.0

Download via Google Play:
Galactic Heroes 1.4.0 on Google Play
Download :
Download Galactic Heroes 1.4.0Current Version: 1.4.0
Requires Android: 2.3 and up
egory: Arcade & Action
v1.4.0 update:
1. New Daily Event system, Hero Scouting, and Planet Inspection Ftures added!
2. New Wpons, Engines, Armor, Devices, and Starter Packs!
3. Sort button added to the Hero and Tron lists
4. Produce All Fleets fture added to the War Situation Room
5. Now you can view Tron information immediately when using a Tron capsule!
6. Max. Level for certain ftures now higher
- Basic Science Resrch will be extended to Level 60.
- The Element Processing Facility’s max level is now Lv 5.
Fight for resources and conquer the universe in this thrilling Sci-Fi Strategy game, Galactic Heroes!
★ Rl-time battle for survival between the Federation of Empires and the Liberty Alliance ★
Experience the race for survival between the Federation of Empires and the Liberty Alliance as they clash to gain control over rare and essential minerals throughout the Universe.
This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay rl money for extra items.
★ Recruit and train ledary heroes ★
Numerous heroes, ch with their own potentials and special skills are in srch of a lder who can ld them with charisma and vision. Identify and develop the potentials of the ledary heroes and conquer the Universe.
★ Build your very own fleet and use it to crte the ultimate strategy ★
Mix and match from numerous types of battle ships, wpons, and special devices to build your very own fleet. Then organize your fleet effectively to crte the ultimate and undeftable strategy.
★ Build a powerful nation that will rule the vast universe ★
With the help of the heroes, construct buildings and conquer planets to expand your empire. Conduct resrch to develop the new technologies to aid you in building the most powerful nation!
★ Experience the Science Fiction universe through enhanced graphics ★
This game was crted specifically for the one who will ultimately conquer and rule the universe, YOU! Let Galactic Heroes immerse you in the world of Sci-Fi with spectacular graphics and massive-scale battles.
Com2uS: Your first srch for fun!
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