Saturday, May 21, 2016

WtherBomb 0.9.46

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WtherBomb 0.9.46 on Google Play
Download :
Download WtherBomb 0.9.46Current Version: 0.9.46
Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
egory: Wther
v0.9.46 update:
29 October 2013: Version 0.9.46
- WB now uses OpenGL Vertex/Index Buffer Objects which should improve speed and memory usage.
- Smoother time control when using vertical swiping.
- Smaller config and refresh tap ars on widgets.
- Fixed glitchy graph behaviour when starting app.
*Thanks for the crash reports. Plse keep submitting them*
The map view give smooth scrolling through 7 days of data. The graph view gives the weeks rain, wind and cloud forecast at a glance. Forecast data includes rain, wind, cloud, temperature, pressure humidity and wave height (for fishermen and surfers).
- Map view of data with smooth scrolling.
- Graph of the weeks rain, cloud, wind, temperature, and pressure.
- 7-day forecast Widget
- Any loion in the world.
- Data includes rain, wind, cloud, temperature, pressure, humidity.
- Wave height data for fishermen and surfers.
- Premium Ad-free subscriptions
- Translations
- Data
- Polish, speed, bug fixes, etc…
- More data, more graphs, more color.
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*** Thanks for the crash reports. Keep them coming. ***
* Plse contact me for fture request and bugs.. Plse don’t use the comments/ratings to report bugs. *
Wther Bomb is still a beta relse but can still be used for eral use that doesn’t risk your safety or others safety.

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